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  • The Diversity University, through which Juliette's Cafe worked, was taken offline in early 2006.
  • Broken links here at Juliette's Cafe have been replaced with Wayback Machine links.
  • This page remains of interest not just historically but also as it reflects Joseph Ransdell's vision for the Arisbe website. For a hint of how the Arisbe site might be laid out as a virtual house, click here and scroll down.

Welcome to the Virtual Arisbe
On-line Meeting Space!

From this zone of the Arisbe website you can follow the logon link below to the Diversity University Web Gateway page and enter the Arisbe on-line meeting space which at the present time is located there.You can if you wish, find out more about the philosophy, ideals and organization of Diversity University MOO by following this link.

This MOO meeting space will offer all interested members of the Peirce Telecommunity and other guests a chance to 'meet' on-line in a developing virtual reconstruction of Charles Sanders and Juliette Peirce's house Arisbe, at Milford , and to chat informally more or less in real time about Peirce matters.

The acronym MOO as in Diversity University MOO stands for Multi-user Dimension (or Dialog), Object-Oriented. Systems of this kind provide a highly interactive user-interface for on-line communication and also for the development and co-construction of virtual environments for enhancing and framing such communication by those who use them, wherever they may be in the world. Those who are curious about what a MOO is, and how it actually works will find more information by following this link.

See also Daniel Schneider's comprehensive TECFA Educational VR page (large: 87kb) for a lot more information and links.

Minimal instructions for logging on and chatting:


You can move on from here and log on immediately at the Diversity University Web Gateway page as 'anonymous' (no password necessary). You should choose the option "Connect using the integrated interface". You will then be registered temporarily as a guest and assigned a name at random.

Guests will always enter Diversity University via the Students' Union. To get from there to the Arisbe meeting space you will need to enter the command @go #23820 in the lower part of the conversational window that will appear at the bottom of you screen whan you are logged in. Then you should arrive safely at Arisbe. If anyone else is logged in there at the same time you will see their character in the same room. "Juliette" will always be there. She is the proxy character I actually used to build the Arisbe space, and at the moment "she" owns it. You may therefore also use the command @join Juliette to get to Arisbe.

Browsers known to work with the integrated system are: Netscape Navigator 3.0 (Win95, Unix), MS Internet Explorer (Win95). Also the newest version of Internet Explorer for Macintosh PowerMac seems to work OK. If you do not have any of these, then you will need to open a Telnet connection first in order to connect via the Web Gateway. In this case you would choose the "Open a Web Window into Diversity University" option


Below are some brief instructions about how to begin talking to and interacting non-verbally with other people in a MOO.

To say something, type say (or just "), followed by what you want to say.

eg: say hello will show everyone logged into that space with you the message:
<your character name>says "hello"

To emote ('non-verbal' messages) something, type emote (or just :), followed by what you would like to emote.

eg: emote smiles will show everyone logged into that space with you the message:
<your character name> smiles

There are comprehensive on-line help functions available at Diversity University from which you can learn more about more advanced forms of communication, navigation, building and programming functions. These you will be able to access and read via WWW (or a Telnet connection) once you are logged in.

The best way to learn more in a virtual community of this kind, however, is to be open for new friendships and to make contact with others who may know a bit more than you do, and then ask.

This is an experimental site and all those taking part in any kinds of activities organised here are hereby invited to participate in its further development. Send your comments or ideas to me at patcop@bo.nettuno.it.

Welcome to Virtual Arisbe!


This page contributed by Patrick Coppock
[back then, at the Norwegian University of Technology and Science, Dept. of Applied Linguistics, and currently at the University of Modena e Reggio Emilia, Dept. of Social, Cognitive, and Quantitative Sciences. — B.U.]

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