Dissertation Abstract




Form And Action In Art Education:

A Reflection Upon Theory And Practice In The Teaching Of Art


Atkinson, Dennis


Degree:           PH.D.

Year:             1987

Pages:            00303



Source:           DAI, 49, no. 10A, (1987): 2901

Abstract:         Available from UMI in association with The British Library.


This thesis is the consequence of a teacher exploring his practice and then struggling to formulate a practitioner-based discourse which attempts to unfold the complexity of teaching. Its culmination s to offer a theoretical perspective which expounds the local place-time-dependent nature of flows of action which in my case relate to young people and teacher engaged in art activities.

          The first part of the work is concerned with my initial disaffection with some current theory in Art Education, which I found wanting when I related it to what I knew from my experience of teaching art. The 'mechanism' and universalism of such theory did not respond to my task of working with and reflecting upon idiosyncracy in young people's art action. My disaffection was articulated on being introduced to a new, systemic metaphors and ideas in the writings of Waddington, Barthes, Hawkins, Collingwood, Brookes, Wittgenstein and others. I found such metaphors resonating with my experiences of teaching and they provided me with a form with which I began to formulate a discourse hinting at the complexity of my teaching. Concurrently I was able to notice the limitations of a mechanistic paradigm, adopted by much Art Education theory, for describing and explaining action.

          The second part is concerned with using these systemic metaphors at a deeper level of enquiry, exploring some flows of teaching in the high variety aggregate of a classroom.

          In the third part of the triad of C. S. Peirce forms the philosophical basis for my own triadic structure, manifested in the form of the thesis. Taking on board my previous disaffection with some general Art Education theory, I offer an action theory. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)



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