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  • Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society

    Editor-in-Chief: Cornelis de Waal; Editor: Robert Lane; 32 consulting editors
    • Journal of the Charles S. Peirce Society.

  • Peirce Studies

    (book series)
    • Ten volumes have been published 1979–2019.

  • The Peirce Seminar Papers

    (book series)
    Michael Shapiro, Editor. (Volume 2 Managing Editor: Michael Haley).
    • Five volumes were published 1993–2002. Editions at Amazon (US), Amazon (UK), B&N (US).
    Note: (US) has a Volume 4 page with Volume 5 information & image and no page listed as that of Volume 5. True Volume 4 page.
     V. 1 (1993), Berg: Amazon (US)
     V. 2 (1994), Berghahn: Berghahn catalog page (gives pub. date as "1995")
     V. 3 (1998), Peter Lang: Amazon (US); Lang catalog page via Wayback Machine
     V. 4 (1999), Berghahn: Berghahn catalog page
     V. 5 (2002), Berghahn: Berghahn catalog page
  • Nordic Studies in Pragmatism

    (articles free online)
    Mats Bergman & Henrik Rydenfelt, General Editors.
    • Journal of the Nordic Pragmatism Network.

  • European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy

    (articles free online)
    Rosa M. Calcaterra, Founding Editor; Roberta Dreon, Roberto Frega, Giovanni Maddalena, Sarin Marchetti, Editors
  • Contemporary Pragmatism

    John Shook & Maria Baghramia Editors.
    • Journal of the International Pragmatism Society.

  • Pragmatism Today

    (articles free online)
    Alexander Kremer & Donald J. Morse, Editors in Chief; Philipp Dorstewitz, Ľubomir Dunaj, Rebecca Farinas, Dorota Koczanowicz, Randall E. Auxier, Justo S. Zamora, Associate Editors.
    Current IssueArchives.  Journal of the Central-European Pragmatist Forum

  • The Pluralist

    Roger Ward, Editor.
    • Journal of the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy (S.A.A.P.).

  • Cybernetics & Human Knowing: A Journal of Second Order Cybernetics, Autopoiesis, & Cyber-Semiotics

    Søren Brier, Chief Editor.
  • Signs - International Journal of Semiotics

    (articles free online; closed to new contributions)
    Martin Thellefsen, Torkild Thellefsen, & Bent Sørensen, Chief Editors, Royal School of Library and Information Science, Denmark.
  • Cognitio: Revista de Filosofia

    (articles now free online, some in English.)
    Ivo Assad Ibri, Chief Editor; André De Tienne, Adjunct Editor; Rodrigo Vieira de Almeida, Executive Editor.
    • Journal of the Centro de Estudos sobre Pragmatismo (CEP) — Center for Pragmatism Studies (CPS).

  • Cognitio-Estudos: revista eletrônica de filosofia now incorporated into Cognitio

    (articles free online)
    Ivo Assad Ibri, Editor; Rodrigo Vieira de Almeida, Antonio Wardison C. Silva, Assistant Editors.
    • Journal of the Centro de Estudos sobre Pragmatismo (CEP) — Center for Pragmatism Studies (CPS).

  • American Journal of Semiotics

    André De Tienne, Editor; Javier Clavere and Robert Hatten, Associate Editors.
    • Journal of the Semiotic Society of America (S.S.A.).

  • Semiotica

    Stephanie Walsh Matthews. Massimo Leone, Jamin Pelkey, Editors-in-Chief.
    • Journal of the International Association for Semiotic Studies - Association Internationale de Sémiotique (I.A.S.S.-A.I.S.).

  • S.E.E.D. Journal (Semiotics, Evolution, Energy, and Development)

    (2001–7) (articles free online)
    Edwina Taborsky, Editor.
    • Journal of S.E.E. (To search, search S.E.E.D. above.)
  • International Journal of Semiotics and Visual Rhetoric (IJSVR)

    Dr. Mehdi Khosrow-Pour, Interim Editor-in-Chief. Formerly
    International Journal of Signs and Semiotic Systems (IJSSS)
    Angelo Loula & João Queiroz, editors.
    Published by I.G.I. Global for the Information Resources Management Association.  See "New journal founded: The International Journal of Signs and Semiotic Systems" by João Queiroz, SemiotiX XN-5 (2011).
  • Semiotiche

    (via the Wayback Machine)
    Gian Paolo Caprettini, Managing Director; Andrea Valle & Miriam Visalli, Editors. A journal of the Associazione italiana di studi semiotici.
    • Volume 2 (2004) is titled 'Peirce. Fenomeni, segni, realtà' [Phenomena, signs, reality]. Website page via the Wayback Machine and PDF file of abstracts, in English, via the Wayback Machine, of all but the first of the papers listed below. Translating G.E.P. bulletin 45 (November 2004):
    3. NEWS FROM TURIN (ITALY): Special Issue on Peirce

    We just received three copies of the special issue dedicated to Charles S. Peirce by the Italian magazine Semiotiche. Fenomeni - Segni - Realtà (May 2004, 2 / 04) that gather the papers presented at the International Congress "Segni e Realtà: Charles Sanders Peirce nel dibattito filosofico attuale" held in Turin May 30–31, 2003. The volume has been excellently edited by Profs. Giovanni Maddalena and Giovanni Tuzet.

    We transcribe in continuation the full index of this issue of Semiotiche

    Giovanni Maddalena and Giovanni Tuzet: "Charles Peirce nel dibattito filosofico attuale"
    André de Tienne: "Is Phaneroscopy as a Pre-semiotic Science Possible?"
    Armando Fumagalli: "Da Peirce a Benveniste: gli indicatori e la teoria dell' enunciazione"
    Vincent Colapietro: "Portrait of an Historicist: an Alternative Reading of Peircean Semiotic"
    Massimo A. Bonfantini: "L'abduzione in Peirce"
    Giovanni Tuzet: "Abduction in Legal Reasoning"
    Jaime Nubiola: "Il lume naturale: Abduction and God"
    Rosa M. Calcaterra: "Forme e spazi di responsabilita. Postille alla logica normativa di Peirce"
    Carlo Sini: "Metafisica e scienze normative"
    Rossella Fabbrichesi Leo: "L'abduzione come 'profezia retrospettiva'"
    Giovanni Maddalena: "Peirce and Cantor on Metaphysical Realism"

    Libreria Universitaria page for Volume 2.
  • Semeiosis: semiótica e transdisciplinaridade em revista / transdisciplinary journal of semiotics

    (articles free online)
    Vinicius Romanini, Scientific Editor; Márcia Pinheiro Ohlson, Eduardo Camillo Kasparevicis Ferreira, Executive Editors.
    • In Portuguese, some English.  An initiative of the Research Group Semiotics of Communication, University of São Paulo, Brazil.
    • Blog (via Wayback Machine), not updated since 2011: Semeiosis.
  • Sign System Studies

    Kalevi Kull, Peeter Torop, Mihhail Lotman, Timo Maran, Silvi Salupere, Ene-Reet Soovik, Ott Puumeister, Editors, University of Tartu, Estonia.
    • Journal connected historically with Department of Semiotics, Tartu University .
  • Biosemiotics

    Yogi H. Hendlin, Editor-in-Chief; Alexei Sharov, Co-Editor-in-Chief.
    • Journal of the International Society for Biosemiotic Studies.

    • Informally associated blog (last updated 2019-12-19): Biosemiosis.

  • Cognitive Semiotics: Multidisciplinary Journal on Meaning and Mind

    Peer Bundgaard, Merlin Donald, Bruno Galantucci, Todd Oakley, Göran Sonesson, Editors; Joel Parthemore, Managing Editor.
    • Journal's own site is gone. Here it is via the Wayback Machine.
    • See "What is Cognitive Semiotics?" by Jordan Zlatev, SemiotiX XN-6 (2011).
  • Chinese Semiotic Studies

    Editor-in-chief: Yongxiang Wang; Managing Editor: Hongbing Yu.
    Old website via Wayback Machine
    Zhang Jie, Editorial Board President. Sponsored by the International Semiotic Research Institute of Nanjing [a.k.a. Nanking] Normal University and the Chinese Semiotic Research Center of the Chinese Association of Linguistic Semiotics.
  • Signs & Media

    Editor: Henry Yiheng Zhao. Founded in 2008 by the Institute of Semiotics & Media Studies (ISMS), Sichuan University.

    It is one among various Chinese semiotics journals linked at Forum of Semiotics. Most of the others there are mostly in Chinese with much less English:
    Theory of Semiotics
    Media Semiotics
    Semiotics of Art & Literature
    International [?] (one sees some Chinese translations of articles on Peirce's semiotics)
  • Applied Semiotics / Sémiotique appliquée (AS/SA) via Wayback Machine

    (many of its articles free online)
    Peter G. Marteinson & Pascal G. Michelucci, Editors.
  • The Public Journal of Semiotics

    (articles free online)
    Jordan Zlatev, Editor in Chief; Alexandra Mouratidou, Assistant Editor.
  • SemiotiX New Series: A Global Information Bulletin

    & SemiotiX (original series with Issues 1–13 & 15 in archive there bottom left, Issue 14 linked here) (articles free online)
    Paul Bouissac, Founder & Editor in chief; David Lidov & David Machin, Associate editors; Zbigniew Roguszka, Managing editor & Webmaster, et al.
    • 2011: "World Report: The Peirce Edition Project" by Marco Annoni.
  • Versus: Quaderni di studi semiotici

    Founded by Umberto Eco.
  • Semiotic Review, formerly The Semiotic Review of Books via Wayback Machine

    (issues free online; the old site remains the main archive)

    Paul Manning, Meghanne Barker, Constantine V. Nakassis, Kane X. Faucher, Lily Chumley, Sasha Newell, Editors; Kate Dougherty, Managing Editor; Gary Genosko, Previous Editor; Paul Bouissac, Founding Editor.
  • Approaches to Semiotics

    (book series 1969–97)
    Thomas A. Sebeok, Alain Rey, Roland Posner, et al., Editors.
  • Approaches to Applied Semiotics

    (book series 2000–2009)
    Thomas A. Sebeok et al., Editors.
  • Semiotics, Communication and Cognition

    (book series since 2009 with 36 volumes as of 2023)
    Paul Cobley & Kalevi Kull, Editors.

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